We have our Update to Members event coming up on the 22nd of September set at our usual times 11 00- 12 00. Having cancelled the August update, it will be good to see you all attending this one.

 This will feature a brief update from us at the Programme team at SWRDSC, Charlie and myself (Vicky) on all SWRDSC activity alongside  very exciting presentations from two of our members, Alan and Carol at Cyclopic, as well as Mark Moore from South West Cyber Resilience Centre.

Mark Moore at SWCRC is a current serving police Superintendent in the Devon and Cornwall force. Mark has over 25 years of policing experience across a range of operational roles and is now Director of the South West Cyber Resilience Centre, a police-led, not for profit venture which aims to support small businesses. This presentation will be an opportunity for members to hear a short update about current cyber trends, the role of the CRC, and the ways in which it is supporting varied sectors across the SW region. We hope to generate discussion about whether the centre can usefully provide support to the defence sector or add value to SW RDSC members.

Alan Rallings, who has over 40 years of knowledge and experience in Mechanical Engineering, working on big projects like the Thames Barrier and Concorde. Alan is supported by a great team including Carol Rallings who works behind the scenes to bring everything together; and collectively they are the Founders and Directors of Cyclopic

Cyclopic have recently received an award from AIRBUS as a Top 10 Finalist for ‘Why Stop at Zero’, which is a feature of IAA Mobility 2021. This is alongside their prototype Cyclopic have recently completed using the IUK SMART Grant (picture below) and will feature as part of the presentation. 

Current times and order:

Wednesday 22nd September

  • 11 00 – 11-15 Member update from SWRDSC team (Charlie and Vicky)
  • 11 15 – 11 30/35 Presentation from Mark Moore at SWCRC
  • 11 35 – 11 55 Presentation from Camille at Cyclopic
  • 11 55- 12 00 Closing statement from SWRDSC team

If you would like the chance to feature in our member update events, please contact us at SOUTHWEST.RDSC@outlook.com to see how we might be able to get you presenting at one of our member events.

Remember- link here to sign up to attend event on 22nd September 11 00 -12 00- 

Please note this is a member only event so please do not share register link outside of SWRDSC membership. 

We look forward to seeing you there.