Help the RAF introduce the first military certified zero emissions aircraft.


Replacing the current capability with a zero emission aircraft

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is pleased to launch a new Market Exploration called Zero Emissions Air System, which aims to investigate net-zero options for the next generation of light flying training aircraft. This Market Exploration is being run on behalf of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and seeks information on the development of relevant technologies and systems that are in development and maturing over the coming four years. Can you help? Read the full Market Exploration now and submit your idea.

Help the RAF procure the first military certified zero emission platform

The UK Government and the RAF have set targets for achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and 2040, respectively. To help reach these goals, the next generation training aircraft must be more environmentally friendly, utilising a sustainable fuel source such as electric or hydrogen which will produce zero carbon emissions at the point of use.

Ahead of any future procurement, it is vital that this technology is investigated, ensuring the RAF remains at the forefront as an intelligent customer.

Do you have an in-depth global understanding of emerging capabilities, technologies, initiatives and novel approaches in the light training aircraft market? Submit an idea and help inform future RAF market engagement for a next generation training aircraft.

Read the full Market Exploration document and submit your innovation!