Join Mike Madden, the South West Innovation Partner for DASA for an event on what to look out for when considering submitting a proposal.

About this Event

Join Mike Madden, the South West of England Innovation Partner for the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) for an event on what to look out for when considering submitting a proposal to DASA. He will cover:

  • Registering a DASA account.
  • Submitting an outline proposal.
  • Working with innovation partners.
  • Submitting a full proposal.
  • Assessment criteria and what is expected in the proposal format.
  • Considerations that need to go into the finance section of a proposal.
  • How proposals are assessed and what the DASA decision-making process is.
  • What happens after the DASA decision conference, including contracting, the issue of feedback and resubmission

Who is the Event Host?

Mike Madden, the DASA Innovation Partner for the South West of England, is a member of the SW RDSC Board. His DASA role is to seek out innovative ideas and novel research and development in his region which could be of benefit to Government Defence and Security stakeholders. In addition, he offers advice to innovators on how their innovations could connect with Defence and Security challenges. Mike has a wealth of experience in DASA processes as well as in mentoring and advising businesses on how to nurture and accelerate innovative ideas. Mike has worked at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) since 2009, joining DASA earlier this year. Prior to that Mike was an officer in the Royal Air Force Regiment, and thus has first-hand experience of Defence from an end user perspective.

Who should attend and why?

DASA seeks ideas from across academia and industry, including SMEs, micros, established businesses, spin-outs and third sector organisations. Applicants are frequently new to DASA and may not have supplied the Defence or Security sectors previously. We are interested in meeting and connecting with any and all businesses, both big and small, and those from academia in the South West of England. If you are curious or think your idea could be adapted to benefit UK Defence & Security, then come along and get some insights into how to work with DASA successfully..

Further information:

For further information please visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/defence-and-security-accelerator