Join Cornwall Space & Spaceport Cornwall and a team of experts to explore solutions to climate change, using Environmental Intelligence.

Date and time

Fri, 4 February 2022

10:00 – 16:00 GMT

About this event

Cornwall is fast becoming globally recognised for applying environmental intelligence to solve local and global challenges, such as climate change. To demonstrate this, in partnership with the UK Space Agency, we are bringing together businesses, organisations, academics and government from across Cornwall to explore the impact of climate change, and what can be done to boost our resilience to environmental issues, both locally and nationally, using information gathered from space and satellites.

If you are a business looking for alternative revenue streams, an academic with a research interest or someone with a specific environmental challenge, then this event is for you. Experts will demonstrate how space can be used to solve Earth’s climate challenges, enabling progressive discussions, ideas and solutions for further application of Earth Observation and Data (the images and videos of the planet taken from space) to solve challenges on a local and national level.

Discussion will also focus on progressive launch solutions and in-space sustainability – highlighting how the benefits of increased Earth Observation can be reached with minimum impact. As access to space increases, so do the benefits of the intelligence gathered – allowing us to harness the power of space for good.

Morning Agenda

Hear from Cornwall Council about the Environmental Growth Strategy for Cornwall , the Local Nature Partnership and the Eden Project as they set the scene for our regional environmental objectives.

Spaceport Cornwall will release their Space for Good Sustainability Action Plan, supporting their ambition to be the most sustainable spaceport in the world and provide an update on the community-based satellite ‘Kernow Sat’ programme, demonstrating how earth observation data is being used to benefit Cornwall.

Hear from leading experts about the latest developments in removing debris from space.

Afternoon Agenda

We invite the audience to participate in our ‘Chat the Challenge’ sessions – exploring how people can get involved in overcoming local environmental challenges, in the Water, Land and Energy Management sectors.

The UK Space Agency, the Satellite Applications Catapult and leading researchers will share examples from across the UK and worldwide of how others are using environmental intelligence to create economic, environmental and social benefits.

We want to engage with passionate people who could be ambassadors for environmental intelligence, with the potential to create products and services which can help reduce the use of carbon and help us fight climate change.

Follow up workshops are planned to progress specific commercial projects and to inform policy and resource allocation at a regional level.