Thu, 21 Oct 2021, 08:30 – Fri, 22 Oct 2021, 14:00 BST

The latest maritime cyber risk evaluation & mitigation research and how researchers and industry must collaborate to build cyber resilience

About this event

 Cyber-SHIP Lab is the University of Plymouth Maritime Cyber Threats Research Group’s unique, hardware-based research platform—a £3.2-million project funded by the University, Research England, and industry partners.

The Symposium will highlight the latest maritime cyber risk evaluation and mitigation research and explore how researchers and industry must collaborate to build cyber resilience. It will feature talks, demonstrations and panels exploring the themes:

Maritime: uniquely valuable, uniquely vulnerable?

  • Cyber challenges around maritime positioning, navigation, and communications systems
  • International perspectives and opportunities for maritime cyber resilience collaboration
  • Human factors in maritime cyber security
  • The science and practicalities of effective maritime cyber risk mitigation
  • Industry/research partnership

A hybrid event, with tickets to attend in person as well as virtually available to register for.

“Pandemic pragmatism means we are committed to staging the Symposium as in-person/online hybrid.”

University Of Plymouth – Organiser of Cyber-SHIP Lab Annual Symposium

In January 2020, the Maritime Cyber Threats Research Group at the University of Plymouth secured combined £3.2-million Research England and industry partnership funding. It was an investment to help create the first real-world maritime cyber threat resilience research, training and software development facility. We have built a unique platform to reproduce any ship’s bridge—in-service or under development; effectively real ships bridge setups rather than simulations. Researchers, industry partners and naval personnel will use the Lab to safely stage and learn from real cyber-attacks on non-simulated bridge configurations, including human interactions. Outputs include implementable research findings, software tools, and training options that will make a significant contribution to maritime cyber threat resilience.